The Benefits of Exercise

Eating healthy and utilizing all the wonderful weight-loss services that Express Weight Loss offers are great ways to improve one’s health and happiness! But, did you know that adding an exercise program to your daily routine will help your mind and body in so many ways!

Walking, biking, running, going to a gym or using at-home work-out DVD’s are all great ways to get your heart rate up, burn calories and lose fat! But do you ever have those days where staying in bed with a book or having a Netflix binge sounds like a better idea than working up a sweat? It’s okay, many people do, including myself because well, we’re human.

Getting yourself motivated to exercise can seem daunting, but once you get into the motions of getting ready for a good sweat session the “torture” of walking out the door or hitting ‘play’ soon becomes a thing of the past. That feeling after you’ve finished your exercise program is the best feeling ever, right? Every day I try to challenge myself during a work-out; whether it’s to lift a heavier weight, not stop during a cardio session or jump higher than I did the previous day. And the benefit of pushing myself only makes me physically and mentally stronger but that is not the only benefit of exercising!

Here are five great benefits of exercise that you may not have thought about!

  1. Exercising regularly helps with depression & anxiety. When we exercise, our bodies release a chemical and neurotransmitter known as endorphins, which trigger a positive feeling in our bodies, similar to the drug morphine. Have you ever had that “euphoric” feeling after an intense exercise or a long run? That feeling can be accompanied by an energizing and a positive outlook on life, all resulting from the endorphins! Even light to moderate-intensity exercising (brisk walking or jogging) is enough to improve many symptoms of depression. Exercising can also help relieve stress and anxiety; all by taking 30 minutes out of your day to sweat a little and get moving!

  2. Exercising can help you poop. If you’re having issues in that department, it’s been suggested to do some cardio to get your plumbing working properly! Quit taking over-the-counter supplements and start going for a walk or taking up yoga to aid in bowl function.

  3. Exercise helps with relaxation and getting some ZZZ’s. If you’re one of those who just can’t fall asleep quickly or toss and turn all night, try upping your cardio exercise or weight lifting. The National Sleep Foundation also recommends exercise to help chronic insomnia, the most common sleep disorder among adults.

  4. Exercise can help you be more productive. Not only does exercise help us feel good and look good, but exercise can also help us become more productive in our everyday lives. Regular exercise can help with mental clarity as well as memory retention, and the ability to focus better at work and home is just another advantage of exercise! So, if your memory is starting to slip, boosting your physical activity is a great, healthy way to keep your brain on its toes!

  5. Exercise can help boost your self-esteem. With a combination of eating healthy, utilizing Express Weight Loss Clinic and adding an exercise program, looking & feeling your best will only result in an improved self-image! When your body starts to physically change from all the hard work you have put into yourself to make a positive change ultimately boosts your self-esteem and the respect you have for your mind and body!

Express Weight Loss Clinic is here to help with all your comprehensive, non-surgical weight-loss needs including weight-loss prescriptions and thyroid treatments! Visit one of our offices or try our Electronic Visit or E-Visit from the comfort of your own home! Feel free to contact us anytime for any questions or concerns.

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